Increase Max Results in Firefox 3 Location Bar

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Firefox 3 will be out soon (the final beta is available now), and it has some cool new features. One of these is that you can search through previously visited pages (via page title or URL segment) from the URL bar just by typing. Another is that the drop-down URL bar is now sorted by how frequently you visit a specific page. The part of it that still sucks is that by default, it only gives you 12 results. That's too few. Hopefully in a later release they'll increase the default for this...

Until then, you can do it yourself.

Step 1:

into the URL bar.
Step 2:

into the about:config filter (just below the URL bar).

Step 3:

Double click the result and change the value to 30.
Step 4:

Restart Firefox.


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:thumbsup: a Good Thing to Know

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