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Some (brief) Real Talk

(that's dmx at the top there.)
Toxic mercury is in a third of high fructose corn syrup products. In other words, it's in 1/3 of almost everything we consume in America.

There are jellyfish out there that (potentially) never die.

Los Angeles: whole family killed cheaply and efficiently without leaving a trace of lineage; nation shocked, slightly impressed.

"Meredith Chivers is a creator of bonobo pornography..."

I never really knew a damn thing about John Updike, but he's dead now.

Old Bush says some funny shit about an awful woman; Bill Clinton comments appropriately (link)

wet smoke

Microsoft Songsmith takes the web by storm in many ways (the awful commercial that started it all)

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Konjak's Legend of Princess

So what if Nintendo decided to make a new 2-d side-scrolling Legend of Zelda game (like the second one on the NES that I never really played) with beautiful pixel graphics and lots of charm? Do you think it would look something like this?

Maybe - if Nintendo hired Joakim Sandberg and/or just paid him for his ultra-cool new game, Legend of Princess. This game has all of the mechanisms you'd expect from a new 2-d Zelda game, quite a bit of challenge, perfect length for what it is, and the intrigue of fresh replayability due to the differences in gameplay/exploration ability caused by selecting different items at the start of the game.

Oh, and it's free. Also, it plays best with a gamepad. You can download it at

If you're lazy and hate the sight of other great indie games, just click here for the direct download.

Another great game by Konjak is Noitu Love 2, released some time last year. It doesn't play at all like Legend of Princess (if you ask me it's inspired by games Treasure developed on the Genesis in the mid-90s (vs what Nintendo did in that same time period)). This one plays best with a mouse and keyboard, but it's $10 if you want to play the full version of the game. The demo is great, but the full game is ten dollars well spent.

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Next scheduled substantive post: exploiting shell-fm for fun and profit.

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Sydney, Australia: December 17, 2008

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1637: What Descartes Said

"From my childhood I lived in a world of books,...taught that by their help I could gain a clear and assured understanding of everything useful in life...But as soon as I had finished the course of studies which usually admits one to the ranks of the learned,...I found myself so saddled with doubts and errors that I seemed to have gained nothing in trying to educate myself unless it was to discover more and more how fully ignorant I was."

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1999: Rick James on Judge Joe Brown

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The First Funny Thing I Have Read This Year.

Twitter Hacked,

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The Scariest Thing I Have Read In Years.

Maggiore decided that HIV does not cause Aids, and that antiretroviral drugs do not treat it. She was HIV positive, which the media loved. She declined to take ARV drugs and specifically decided not to take HIV drugs during her pregnancy, despite the strong evidence that they massively lower the risk of maternal transmission. She insisted on breastfeeding her children, even though it has been shown that this increases the risk of maternal transmission. She also refused to have her children tested for HIV. Her daughter, Eliza Jane Scovill, died three years ago. The coroner attributed the death to Aids and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. She was three years old.

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"Anywho, I got a call today from the mom telling me that the Wii is not working. I asked what was wrong and you won't believe it........."(link)

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