Thursday, November 29 gave rise to...

I'm pretty sure they will print just any fucking thing

But kudos to them for printing just any fucking thing

anyone who considers this "news" fascinating and likely to increase their body of knowledge about the world, should go find themself.

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Wednesday, November 28 gave rise to...

The Internet Well Runs Dry


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Monday, November 26 gave rise to...

"If convicted, the androgynous '80s icon, 46, could be sentenced to life in prison."


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Saturday, November 24 gave rise to...

Look at me! Read my posts!

A new desktop background that I did not create:

The artwork is by KAWS. I think his website is here, but also it might just be some fan site.

Edit: yes, that is just some Japanese fan's site. He is not Japanese -- he is from New Jersey, USA. And you can find his site here.

What I am doing:

  • Writing a bunch of short anti-television essays (but seriously, who isn't writing a bunch of short anti-television essays these days?)
  • Some school work
  • Some graduate school admission kind of stuff (slowly and awkwardly, but hopefully fast enough)

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Monday, November 19 gave rise to...

If you ever think you've got something sociocultural entirely figured out:

You've probably just dated yourself. Congratulations, you're irrelevant!

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Sunday, November 18 gave rise to...

The Question:

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Iggy Pop was on Star Trek once

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Saturday, November 17 gave rise to...

Someone Ought to Make

Some script or something that makes YouTube autoplay the highest ranked related video

Or YouTube developers should just do this

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Thursday, November 15 gave rise to...

Haven't watched this video but the song is awesome

Your best bet is probably to just browse elsewhere while this song plays

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Steampunk-ish Megatron

By Chih. Link here.

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Wednesday, November 14 gave rise to...

Fried Roast Beef, "Hulaburger," Hot Dogs, and other weird menu items from McDonald's.

There's an incredible Wikipedia page about McDonald's products.

Hulaburger: A Ray Kroc invention, it featured a slice of pineapple instead of meat. Originally intended for Roman Catholics who were not allowed to eat meat on Fridays. It flopped when it was test-marketed in 1963.

Postscript: also check out the international menu items.

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Tuesday, November 13 gave rise to...

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God Status - Get Familiar

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Monday, November 12 gave rise to...

I Caved.

And the truly incredible thing is, Amarok never even worked. It freezes every time I try to play a track.

Played me!

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Tuesday, November 6 gave rise to...

Get familiar

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Monday, November 5 gave rise to...

Definitely check this out.

Unless, of course, it's old to you.

Essentially, this cop pulls a kid over for no reason and threatens to arrest him and put him in jail. He tells the kid he's going to "ruin his career and life" and "come up with nine things" he did wrong that will allow him to ruin his career/life.

It's little stuff like this, along with bigger stuff like reports of extreme police brutality, sheer depth of ignorance, and abuse of the law that make me want to avoid cops even when I'm not doing anything wrong. It reminds me of the time I was unfairly harrassed by a cop.

Cheers to this extremely rude, but correct, kid! Cheers to anyone who knows the law better than cops who isn't a lawyer!

Found at alt.dumpster.

More info here.

*loud clicking noise*

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Sunday, November 4 gave rise to...

Picking a bone.

Just went to the website of a previous employer. It has undergone somewhat of an overhaul -- it looks nicer. Unfortunately, the company they paid to do the design did it in tables. There's literally no text on the page at all, it's just a collection of images and tables. Good luck getting that site into search engines!

The site reminds me of the company and the products they sell: looks nice, but devoid of content (and in some cases, like the products they sell, devoid of a level of quality that would make the cost seem reasonable). It almost appears as though they are getting played by their designer as hard as they tried to play me.

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Saturday, November 3 gave rise to...

Future Shock, also known as Culture Lag

Future shock: the failure to notice what is happening in the present.

The 'revolution' I have been describing and reporting and in politics is the theme of the book called Deschooling by Ivan Illich. The theme of the book is simply that since there is now more information outside the schools than inside, we should close the schools and let the young obtain their education in the general environment once more. What Illich fails to see is that when the answers are outside, the time has come to put the questions inside the school, rather than the answers. In other words, it is now possible to make the schools not a place for packaged information, but a place for dialogue and discovery. This new pattern is recorded in the observation that twentieth-centery man is a person who runs down the street shouting: "I've got the answers. What are the questions?" There are various versions of this observation, some of them attributed to people like Gertrude Stein. At any rate, when information becomes totally environmental and instantaneous, it is impossible to have monopolies of knowledge or specialism, a fact which is extremely upsetting to nearly everybody in our present Establishments.
--Excerpt and definition from The End of the Work Ethic, an address given by Marshall McLuhan at the Empire Club of Canada in 1973.

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Friday, November 2 gave rise to...

Miro seems cool

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