OS X Leopard on your (relatively) old AMD Machine

My computer is:

AMD 3000+ processor
NVidia GeForce 6600GT graphics card
MSI Nforce 4 motherboard
1024mb ram

ok so:

  • get Zephyroth's Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD disc image. burn to dvd.
  • make a new primary partition on your hard drive with at least 7 gigabytes of space on it
  • use gparted to format this partition as fat32
  • boot zephyroth's installer disc, use the disk utility (under the utilities menu at the top) to format/erase your new fat32 partition as an extended apple file system with journaling
  • install os x onto this partition, and be sure to install the nvidia drivers included; even though they're not for your specific video card, they will work. if your install appears to hang at "approximately one minute left" like mine did, let it go for about 15 minutes just to be safe and then restart. it should work.
  • edit your grub menu.lst file to include this new partition
  • if you're using a usb keyboard and mouse, you're fine. if you're using ps/2 keyboard/mouse, you're probably in a weird place, like me. i might edit this later with instructions on how to fix this, if i can get it working for myself. this will probably involve login hooks (basically shell scripts executed at login) and someone's hacked ps/2 drivers which, for some reason are not included in zephyroth's install as far as i can tell. that's right -- the image does not appear to have any sort of support for ps/2 inputs, which is weird, because the regular image does. either he was trying to save space or i've had two very unlucky installs.


Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but there is a solution that seemed to work for a couple people. Here's the post link:

Hope this helps!

Noah said...

I appreciate the help, but I solved my problem a while ago. Haven't been using OSX for a while, though...

I'll check out the thread

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