My Contribution to The (Hopefully) Growing Trend of Reptilian Conspiracy Content

Evidence that hasn't been pointed out before: The Strokes Room on Fire album has a song called "Reptilia" on it.

Thom stared out the window like he always did on days like this. He stared...RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF A REPTILIAN OVERLORD. Things had changed in the Narbacular sub-segment ever since the rebellion was quelled – there were more public executions and rations were less hearty. More importantly to Thom, though, there were fewer cosmic dustings.

He climbed over his woman and out of bed: it was time for work. Time to deliver the mail! He put on his mail delivery epaulets, lit a cigarette, and went out the door.

Today on his mail route, Thom remembered something he had learned in school a long time ago. His third grade teacher would often tell his class that they had not always been servants...

Feel free to write your own stories using this base. Thank you.


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