Patents and me

Patents are hilarious. Google has a patent search that I've been using to help my Dad figure out whether or not he can go ahead with a concept of his.

That's all I can say on the specific matter at hand, but know this: even when a patent is entirely reasonable, when I see them, something inside my brain sees humor. It's all the numbers and lines pointing to the various functions of the most seemingly simple things, like a toupee. It's the serious description of these things that capture even the smallest minutia -- this is why I laugh and smile. I live for this shit.

In short, I probably read too much MAD Magazine as a kid.

picture from "device for cooling infant's brain." i challenge you to try to explain why patents aren't the best untapped comedy resource america has right now.


David said...

Did you find this one?

Noah said...

Heh no, but that's great! I think I remember reading about this somewhere a while ago, too.

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