Hate Your Internet: Interstitial Ads

Very simply, I hate interstitial ads -- those ads that appear between sites, like television commercial breaks. They're becoming increasingly prevalent on sites that I visit. The interstitials wouldn't be so bad if they didn't do things like:

  • load CPU cycle-eating flash video
  • just not work
  • load up entire other web sites -- are the sponsors being paid to hijack traffic to other sites?
  • That's my thumb over there
By the second point, I mean that a lot of the time they'll show up on multiple pages for a given domain, which is not how I think they were intended to work. I understand that people have bills to pay, and not all interstitial ads are equally offensive.

The third point is pretty serious though. I think Blinkx is the main offender I've noticed with this one. At least I think it's Blinkx. Maybe I'll update this later.

Adbrite is the main offender, and yes, it appears that their interstitial ads are often not ads, but instead, are just other people's web pages.


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