Katrina & The Waves: Where were all the Hurricane Katrina/Katrina & The Waves Jokes?

One of those nameless bands who people from my generation know primarily through the licensing of their hit song for commercial endeavors.

Video for Katrina and the Waves' hit song, I'm Walking on Sunshine:

Wikipedia article on Katrina and the Waves

Surprisingly few Google search results for "hurricane katrina and the waves"

I'd mention that "some things are just too tragic to make tasteless jokes about" or something along those lines, but we all know this to be false. The jokes just never really materialized. Maybe one day someone will find this post and add the audio of the song to archival news footage from Katrina. That'd be good.

Further investigation into the links in that Google search will show you that this is, in fact, something that the news media tried to take advantage of, although clearly not in the service of comedy. Guess I'm two years behind the curve!


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