Good Seeds and Bad Seeds: A Post About Torrents!

A bad seed

  • Britney Spears' newest album
A good seed
Rare classics. Space is the Place is Sun Ra's totally insane movie. Sweetback can be called the first Blaxpoitation film but it isn't really. It's more like an early independent black movie that happened to reveal to Hollywood that a lot of money could be made by producing movies with primarily black casts, plots, and themes. The exploitation part came afterward, when Hollywood got into the business. That's also when most of the money arrived. Hollywood appears to have kept the sexuality of Sweetback for later movies like Shaft, but they are usually not nearly as revolutionary in theme -- for example, Sweetback fights police. Shaft does not; instead, he's a black detective working with a predominantly white police force.

If you decide you want to seed these too, I say "hello" on behalf of my client.

This post inspired by a brief power outage.


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