Robocop: ED-209 Destroys A Man, Alex Murphy Is Dismembered By A Shotgun. The 1980s Was A Violent Time In Movies

The 1980s was an incredibly graphic era for Hollywood movies. Special effects were done with heavy makeup and (some) stop-motion animation. The pairing of the two lent most films a gritty quality that felt more real than most of the computer generated special effects seen in movies these days. Few movies were more violent than Robocop; it initially received an 'X' rating from the MPAA because of the excessive violence.

If the original cut of Robocop (1987, Paul Verhoeven) were re-released in theatres today, I think it would turn a huge profit. Shit gets very serious about two minutes into the following scene:

In the following scene, Alex Murphy has his arm blown off by a shotgun, further underlining the fact that this movie is pretty darn violent. Alex Murphy's corpse is used to make Robocop.

The VHS release of Robocop has the following anti-drug announcement from Peter Weller, the actor who is Alex Murphy/Robocop. It is in stark contrast to his leading role in Naked Lunch [1|2] just a few years later.


Unknown said...

Robocop was a great movie as I remember it, but did anyone see any of the sequels? I remember the sequels to be worse but I have no clue why.

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