"Say Bill, do you think you could rub some of this powder on my lips?"

Naked Lunch - 1991.
Directed by David Cronenberg

Still images do not do justice to the insanity of this movie, but they're a start. In addition to adapting William Burroughs's novel Naked Lunch for film, David Cronenberg has directed other films with incredibly graphic and real (surreal) special effects such as The Fly (1986 remake with Jeff Goldblum), Scanners (1981, a cult classic -- get familiar with the concept at the very least), and recently, A History of Violence (2005, Viggo Mortensen). I haven't seen his other new movie, Eastern Promises (2007), but visually it's probably just as intense as his other films.

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Anonymous said...

Great movie. Has inspired me much just as the Pulp Fiction 'Zed/Spider/Gimp' scene.

Proud to be RCMP.

Cst.Matthew Condon

Ridge Meadows Detachment, BC, Canada


I also loved 'Cruising' will Al Pacino. Yum Yum!

Cst. Matthew Condon

Ridge Meadows Detachment, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

John Rock said...

I'm glad to hear these moviеs inspired you! Thе Zеd/Spidеr/Gimp scеnе in Pulp Fiction is indееd unforgеttablе. And Al Pacino's pеrformancе in Cruising was stеllar. If you want somеthing diffеrеnt, consider visiting Thе Grand Budapеst Hotеl or Moonrisе Kingdom. If you nееd assistancе, usе your university of hertfordshire login to accеss rеsourcеs. Enjoy your moviе marathon!

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