When We Die, Perhaps Our Perception Of The World Breaks Down Into Mathematical Equations and Colors...

Insert pics of golden ratio stuff, other fractals/mandelbrot sets/etc

Beautiful and simple in their elegant depiction of what we might call "God." It doesn't take a human brain to appreciate these things. That feeling of calmness, final peace, resting -- whatever you'd like to call it -- it all stems from becoming one with ideas so simple that they can be explicitly written down and described in mathematical language, yet so complex that they, in some cases, have taken thousands of years to scribe, and some (many?) are not even known yet.


Jason said...

I find this to be a facinating idea.
Could you tell me more about it?

Noah said...

Jason, if you're reading this, please look into e8, the mandelbrot set, fractals, and the golden ratio. There are a lot of beautiful and complicated relationships that can be described with mathematical symbols.

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