Young Stupid and Dangerous

Video for Blondie's Die Young, Stay Pretty:

Teenager arrested in suicide hijacking plot

Might give some vicious commentary on this later if I'm feeling up to it, but basically it sounds like this kid was just massively confused.

Press play on the video for the song Die Young Stay Pretty. Listen to it as you read the article which describes this 16 year-old's plot to overpower an entire airplane full of passengers and crew and crash an airplane into a venue where they're showing a Hannah Montana concert. Note that the concert was not actually scheduled for the day he hijacked the plane; I guess he was just planning on hovering in the air for a few days? Wonder how he got the money and freedom from his parents to actually pull this off.

Where do they make people like this? Maybe the kid is far smarter than anyone is giving him credit for and he just did this to strike fear into the hearts of Hannah Montana and her fans. Maybe it's an elaborate scheme by Disney's marketing department, which is staffed by our Reptilian Overlords, to inject Hannah Montana into the serious press to increase publicity. But really, this kid is probably just a young, dumb, piece of human waste, and this probably has something to do with some forum somewhere on the Internet.


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