It's My Birthday. So What? I Don't See Any Reason To Celebrate.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about biological imperatives and how they pertain to my take on the human condition. The fact that today is my birthday means relatively little to me. I've been told that there are certain things that I should do on my birthday, and around the time of my birthday. I disagree wholeheartedly. I was born on this day 22 years ago, so I should celebrate it based on that condition alone? Maybe that's ok if I want to celebrate, but what if I don't? Instead of putting my party hat on, on this "born day," I'm going to put my thinking cap on.

I feel that it is our duty, as human beings, to have reasons for all of the things that we do. There are, however, things that we must do; we cannot really say why we do them. These are the things that are very deeply ingrained in our brains. These things, these biological imperatives, are what drive us to survive in a biological sense. These are the reasons why we eat, sleep, and fuck.

It's easy to have a reason why or why not to decide to pursue a career in fashion. You pursue a career in fashion because you enjoy aspects of fashion and would like to earn a living, and maybe even achieve fame and prestige, through your career. You do not pursue a career in fashion because you could not see yourself earning a living from doing something fashion-related.

It's almost impossible to have a reason why not to eat. People who do not eat, die. At the same time though, because we are human, we can choose what to eat, or what not to eat. At a certain point, or points in our life, we feel an incredible urge to fuck, with the end result being reproduction and the passing-on of genetic code to another generation. We can choose who to fuck, though. I think this happens, whether we know it or not, based on who we marry. Some marry for money or security, and some marry for love. Either way, there's something powerfully attractive about who we marry, and it all returns to biology, to biological imperatives.

As for the things that we don't feel some internal (and almost always undeniable) compulsion to do: we really need to be aware of our reasons for doing those things. If you don't have a personal reason for doing the things that you do, then you're probably a tool. I don't care what you do, but you should have your own reasons for doing it. Not someone else's. Note that this is just a guideline, something to be considered. A lot of our choices take place in the subconscious, so it can be hard to catch oneself when taking other people's reasons for doing things.


Biological Imperative


Anonymous said...

Celebrate man! :D Just for having exactly the same birthday as you 22 years ago! :) Happy Birthday! :)

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