Total Recall

Watched this movie last night. I haven't seen it in years. I first saw it when I was 8, I think, which was a little young considering how violent the movie was. But I really didn't remember much of the violence. The violence shocked me this time around. The only thing that really stuck with me from my viewing of it as a child was images like the one above, and the Martian woman with three breasts.

I'd like to repeat that this film is incredibly violent. So many people were killed. Approximately 3 of the characters introduced in the film who had speaking roles survived the movie. Tons of other non-speaking characters died.

Watching this movie some 13 years later was a totally different experience. Very few things were as I remembered them. I had almost completely forgotten the plot. Or maybe I just never picked up on the intricacies as a child. Whatever.

All and all, I have to say that even as a 21-year old, this movie is excellent if you're thinking about it as a 1990 action/science fiction movie, and not as the latest action/science fiction movie.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember there being that much violence in Total Recall. But maybe I'm just desensitized after seeing "Dead Alive".

Have you seen the Running Man? Because that is a violent movie. Violent in the sense that the constant puns will eventually make you want to punch someone.

Noah said...

I never got to see Dead Alive. But yeah, Total Recall is way violent, you should revisit it some time.

It has some great violence-related puns, like Arnold saying "SCREW YOU" after killing a guy in a tank by putting a GIGANTIC drill through the side of it.

I love the cheesiness of the puns in Arnold movies.

Anonymous said...

So now that you've seen Dead Alive, I have to ask you. Was Total Recall really that bad?

Noah said...

I thought Dead Alive was quite good.

I don't think Total Recall is bad!

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