Of All The Albums I Purchased This Year,

I can't name one off the top of my head that has been from 2006.

If I can find one, I'll post it here and talk about why it didn't suck.

Edit: Islands - Return To The Sea

Reason it didn't suck: It was the Unicorns basically.

And Whitney, Don't Call Me Bobby is still the happiest song of the year.

And another thing: This isn't to say that I haven't listened to a good amount of new music in 2006, I just haven't gotten to the point where most of the records I heard were to be records that I had to own.


Me Myself said...

why do you listen to happy songs?

are you gay?

Noah said...

No, but I am a fag!

Anonymous said...

You know I've been thinking about this a lot recently(maybe i'll start a blog just so i can do this sort of thing) - basically I disagree. 2006 had a number of albums that are pretty sick and own-worthy.

Now bear in mind, I probly keep a different definition of own-worthy than you - i still feel a slight twinge of guilt when i download an album(probly an aftereffect of getting busted by UT IT, and being forced to go without internet for a year and a half). Now that I have money i do go out of my way to buy records more than i did in the past. With that being said, aside from Islands, which I own, here are some purchase-worthy 2006 albums:

TV on the Radio, Return to Cookie Mountain - generic answer, pretty widely hyped, but it's hyped for a goood reason. This album doesn't really sound like anything else that's come out this year, and it's rewarding to go back to (unlike Islands, which gets kind of old a month or so after the initial super-sweetness)

The Belle and Sebastian album, The Life Pursuit is actually really good. Subtly good. Didn't like it at first, but it's really grown on me.

Lastly, and this might be personal preference, but if you're a fan of Built to Spill/Modest Mouse/Broken Social Scene then there were two incredible debuts this year - Figurines and Bound Stems. Both albums are superb.

And those are the only albums that I would classify as "must-own", there was also new Decemberists and Yo La Tengo, and Beirut debuted.

Yeah, it was a pretty good year for music.


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