From Sunday To Sunday:


Yeah, that's 37 hours of gaming. Pretty much a job.

Note: most of this was done before I started getting serious with the schoolwork.


Andvil said...

OK so what's the deal with only using 3 of your guys and only having double quickenings with them

I think I'm about level 30 with everyone, but I am not where you are yet. I just got past Mt. Bur-Omisace

Noah said...

I haven't found it necessary to use more than three characters. In the event that I do, I have all of my other characters loaded up with Golden Amulets (The Accessory that allows you to get double LP). Double quickenings because you get DOUBLE MANA when you get quickening level 2 - I'd highly recommend it.

Golden Amulet is just amazing, I never use any other accessory so far. I'm sure that when I have maxed out my licenses and get to the endgame, other accessories will be important, but as for right now (L45 with my main characters, about 47 hours into the game), it hasn't been important.

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