I Will See This.

Roger Ebert on Avatar:

Watching "Avatar," I felt sort of the same as when I saw "Star Wars" in 1977. That was another movie I walked into with uncertain expectations. James Cameron's film has been the subject of relentlessly dubious advance buzz, just as his "Titanic" was. Once again, he has silenced the doubters by simply delivering an extraordinary film. There is still at least one man in Hollywood who knows how to spend $250 million, or was it $300 million, wisely.

[link] (i have not read this review, nor do i plan to; have only read the excerpt quoted above)


grĂ¼ner tee said...

With Avatar, Cameron has created the first great epic of the 21st century and a new benchmark in filmmaking. Yes, the wonderful CGI effects and sophisticated editing rhythms in these moments represent all that's good about contemporary blockbuster cinema. But the film is compromised by a rather juvenile story exposition.

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