coogi was a popular sweater and it still is.

The Coogi sweater is not only fashion and art, it owns a historical journey unlike any other garment. It is hotly debatable as being the original "Cosby" sweater (many believe the original Cosby sweater was a Koos van den Akker and not a Coogi--there's even a Behind the Seams on VBS about it), and enjoyed a long run of fame for that. It was revived again, thrust into the limelight and immortalized through rap and images by Biggie ("Heartthrob, never / black and ugly as ever / However, I stay Coogi down to the socks / rings and watch filled with rocks"). What I did not realize until I could actually slip one on is that Coogi is actually a cognizant, invertebrate beast that feeds on humans to stay alive!

Once you put Coogi on, the fashion mystique is actually more akin to a mother's unconditional, nurturing instinct to protect her babies. Once Coogi is wrapped around your shoulders, its feeding time begins. You will bask in the enlightment that you have been reunited with the luxurious human pelt you knew your ancestors have somehow shed through evolution. It makes everything right. It completes you. Suddenly, every pore is a rainbow and you feel so fuzzy 'n' snugly like when Han Solo shoved Luke inside that dead Tauntaun.. if the Tauntuan was rainbow colored and without the stink pink steaming intestines.



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