I wish I was making this up.

Psychologists have long known that people enjoy belonging to insular and self-congratulatory social networks. Behavioral economists know that people love the idea of easy money enough to do some really fucking stupid shit.

Here's the gist, quoted from the website:

New to followe.rs?
This is how it works:

...Oh, and you get PAID!

Very few of us, however, seem to understand that joining this meta-network will devalue the meaning of "a lot of friends" on an already silly and useless web service.

That, and shouldn't it be a lot harder to convince people to put their credentials into a couple of submission fields at some random fucking website? Well apparently not -- not when the lure of easy money is involved.

I mostly love that this is essentially an automated endless circlejerk. And, I also love that people think this is, somehow, going to make them money. I hate that it's taking advantage of a few basic human weaknesses in a debased manner, the surest sign of a scam. The only one getting paid from this is probably the developer, who charges a dollar per invite to the system. That's a meager sum for just one user, but twitter has millions of users, thousands of whom might actually care about something like this and be inclined to spend a dollar on it. It adds up to an enormous scam for the guy getting paid at the end.

Half of the Internet is porn, the other half is Ponzi-esque schemes.



Anonymous said...

wait why did you delete that cool pic of a bicycle wheel and some water that was titled rain
and i'll take your answer off the air (on roof)

Jane De Ath said...

Haha! Yep, that's EXACTLY what I was thinking, although, being a girl, I probably wouldn't have used a phrase like "endless cirlejerk", but it is very apt :)

I do not necessarily agree with your comment that Twitter is useless. If used as it is meant to be, then it is a good social memes indicator. But hey, someone was bound to screw it up with something like follow.rs eventually.

Noah said...

Glad I'm not alone in this! Thanks for commenting.


ps. yeah, twitter is not totally terrible (today i was thinking about how in the aggregate, twitter can be a very useful indicator of a variety of public opinion-y things and yeah, social memes are included in that set of things, but it's just not for me.

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