"It wasn’t like I was into drugs or alcohol or anything," Tuft said softly. "I wanted to explore, and I was searching for so many things. I just never felt right anywhere. At that age, you don’t know anything about yourself, and I was trying to find out who I was."

Svein Tuft, a man far crazier than myself, inspires me by living a lifestyle I admire and understand -- to a degree. Recently, he has become part of one of the planet's top bicycle racing teams -- Full Story @ New York Times


Unknown said...

Sounds like fun. I think his parents were enablers though. Like, as a kid he got a tent and then he slept in it ALL WINTER? I can't think of anyone's parents who would allow their child to do that. He's lucky he didn't die, then there would be no story about him, he would just be some transient that died somewhere. I wonder how he made money to buy food. Anyway, a cool story. It sucks that he had to give up his lifestyle, but at least he can say he did something with his life. That kind of life cannot be emulated by everyone (someone has to grow, sell, and distribute the food), but it's always cool to see those that do live it.

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