February is Medical Science Breakthrough Month?

PARIS (AFP) – French specialists on Sunday unveiled a new weapon against cancer -- a molecular "decoy" that mimicks DNA damage and prompts cancerous cells to kill themselves.

The research, published in a US journal, Clinical Cancer Research, opens up fresh avenues for attacking tumours that are resistant to conventional therapy, they said.

"Decoy molecules drive cancer cells to suicide: study"

feb 11: Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant


Unknown said...

Cool stuff, but I see all those cell kill strategies as a temporary fix. The mutations inside the healthy cells will cause the cancer to come back. So you'd have to keep paying for treatments to get rid of the lvl 99 enemy, only to have the lvl 98 enemies level up. That was a bad analogy. I'm terrible at RPGs. I keep getting stuck in Dragonquest IV. They don't give you clues as to where to go and so I have to visit every place on the map. So annoying.

Anonymous said...


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