The most peaceful place in the Arab world is ruled by a gay sultan.

New 'Indiana Jones' enrages Russian Communists. [reviews]

South Africa is wild as fuck: Disease, Martial Law, Immigration Issues that make ours look tame, and A President Who Might Be Worse Than Bush.

The best essay ever written about human intelligence.

Local skinhead murderer from 1989 meets justice nearly two decades later.

Monday: cyclists in Columbus Ohio will bike to and eat at all 19 'White Castle' locations in the city.

Nigerian News: Wailing, crying, explosions, women turning into cats, tribal tension and kidney diseases.

Back in the US: In Dallas, a naked mother argues with son and accidentally shoots herself in the finger while loading the gun (while naked). Dallas is also where Charles Ray Fuller attempted to cash a check for 360 billion.

Hillary Clinton offends the nation.


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