What This Site Is

This site has been said to be a document of human "progress." Progress may be defined in the traditional sense, but it can also be construed oppositely. I imagine it both ways at the same time.

Some of the site's content originates here. Some is from other places. Sometimes it is generated frequently. Sometimes it reaches far back into time.

Sometimes I write guides to things, and post them. I like DIY stuff.

All of my posts are essentially drafts. I try to update them, fixing typos, tweaking things, and all that kind of stuff. This post in particular has been edited more than ten times as of this edit.

A lot of the content on this site can be found elsewhere on the Internet. My approach to posting existing content owes a great debt to the philosophy posted here. In this, I owe a lot to The New Shelton Wet/Dry.

Sometimes I like to hide or obfuscate additional information for more thorough readers. Sometimes I like to obfuscate all the information in a given post, creating symmetrical and asymmetrical misinformation.

There is RSS if you are into that sort of thing.

The website is designed with Firefox in mind. About 1/4 of visitors are using Internet Explorer. If they're using anything before IE 7 they definitely miss some of the content, such as anything between the tags and

I'd rather be rooster-holed than pigeonholed.


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