Suicide Food: Incredible Site Devoted to Animals That Are Happy to be Eaten!

Bugs Bunny has something to show you.

No, it's not his ribcage. It's his shocking mental illness.

Thrilled to die, to be slaughtered, butchered, and eaten, he can still sell even in his current state. But, you forget: this is the state (i.e., dead and skinless, livid organs laid bare) he was born to assume.
From Suicide Food


Mohawk said...

Gee, thanks, more vegetarian propaganda. That's what the world needs.

Noah said...

Damn, I found it funny far outside of the context of it being pro-vegetarian -- which it obviously is. But that shit is still funny; those kinds of advertisements are still funny -- to me anyway. What's funnier / more absurd than a representation of an animal being slaughtered or killed that actually wants the slaughter to take place?

Mohawk said...

What's funnier? An Austrian girl that actually wants to be lock in a basement and wants to be sexually abused for twenty years.

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