The Sassy Fellow that is Joel Schumacher

I thought 8MM was so edgy when I was 14...

  • In "Legends of the Dark Knight", an episode of The New Batman Adventures, three teenagers discuss their ideas about what Batman is really like. They briefly meet an effeminate youth called Joel (in front of a shoemaker's shop, no less) whose idea of Batman consists mainly of a fascination with the tight rubber suits and a Batmobile that can drive up walls (as seen in Batman Forever). The other three kids treat Joel's ideas with utter disdain. The piece received mixed reviews from Bat-fans; some love what was done, while others consider it a "low blow" from the producers of the animated series. Schumacher has since reaffirmed that he wanted to produce an adaptation of Batman: Year One. The animated series' creator Bruce Timm stated in the DVD commentary for the episode that Batman Forever is one of his favorite Batman films, however this is said as a joke, as he has stated elsewhere that he dislikes the film.

  • In another episode of Robot Chicken, Joel Schumacher pitches his idea for a Batman Begins parody, Heimlich Begins (based on the Heimlich maneuver) in which Heimlich battles a villain called "The Choker" (a parody of Batman villain Joker), who attacks with animated sausage links. At the end, the entire sketch is revealed to have been described by Joel Schumacher. The skit ends with a reference to Schumacher's sexuality: "It's always sausage with you, isn't it?"

  • In Episode 4 of Clerks: The Animated Series, Randal demands his money back from Joel Schumacher after seeing Batman and Robin, saying, "Man, Batman and Robin was so gay!", with Schumacher wearing the nipple batsuit.

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