Re-Up Gang (The Clipse): Interview + We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3 download When y'all look out into the crowd who are your fans?

Malice: College kids, hipsters....

Ab-Liva: It depends on where you at. Depends on where you're performing at, we done been to the mountains and scene, where was we at?

Malice: Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Ab-Liva: Jackson Hole, Wyoming 'cuz. Nothing but ski slopes and deer, that kind of s**t. When it was time to perform that thing was poppin'. I mean this was an all white crowd who looked like they definitely didn't rock to what I felt I wrote, but the fans range crazy. I can't put a particular face or region on a fan. Wherever we go, it's love. If we're in the hood, you'll see hood. When it's mountains, it's mountains.

Sandman: You'll see a thug next to an Internet junkie. It runs the gamut, our fans. We appreciate that because we know they listening to our music and loving it overall. Seems like groups always have turmoil, just sittin' here looking at y'all there is no hint of that.

Malice: Harmonious! Right, right, so what do y'all attribute that to?

Malice: I attribute it to just a mutual respect. Everybody is their own boss. Everybody is their own man. These dudes been rhymin’ forever, they come light the fire to us sometime because they definitely in the trenches and rhymin even’ know I'll do a mixtape or I'll do an album but these guys like, rhyme. That's what they do and it puts that fire back in you because I was definitely getting very uninterested in what was going on in Hip-Hop and being around the family, the Re-Up Gang, it takes you back to '88 or when you was younger and it was all about coming up with them hot verses and in this atmosphere this is how I feel. And we all want to see each other do well, so...and we're brothers [points to Pusha-T] so that's half the battle right there, but we all brothers.

Pusha-T: Not even that but this whole Re-Up Gang s**t was started off just straight love for everybody's talent. We were the Clipse but we was putting Lord Willin' together and met Liva and I'm talking about Arista's budget's open, [we] could have picked anybody in the world and paid 'em to get on that s**t, but went and found Liva. This guy was busting.

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Sansage said...

how do i get invited to view re up gang records blog?

Noah said...

Sansage: looks like it's closed for now, probably while they work on it or something.

There's always MySpace and Google if you're really hard-up for Re-Up Gang stuff

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