Find out: Which of your favorite {'health'|vegetarian|organic} food brands are owned by the world's largest corporations?

"Wherever we go, Coca-cola's already been."

I wrote about the involvement of the Kellogg company in organic brands back in May of 2007 (elsewhere).

GOOD Magazine has a chart in its March/April 2008 issue that talks about all that and more in a very well laid out chart. You can see it in its original habitat (here), but since this is the Internet and you are lazy, you can also see it here (click for full size DUH):

Consider that the competition you imagine when you go to the grocery store is an illusion. Large corporations might give you a choice from amongst their own product lines but why would they want to see actual competition from another company? They would not; Kellogg company makes a lot more money when your choices are Kashi, Morningstar Farms, Gardenburger, (if you've eaten foods from Morningstar Farms or Gardenburger you know that they sell foods that compete with each other) and Bear Naked. The illusion of competition. A brand is not a company; brands are owned by companies. I'll stop boring you.

See the rest of (GOOD Magazine) too -- there are other cool articles there. It's good enough to bookmark.


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