The Week's Top YouTube Videos

Five of them. Ranked by me. If you want the real top five you should just go look on YouTube and notice that some of the top videos there have "gamed" thumbnails, meaning that the video's screenshot isn't actually of the video itself, but some tits or ass or something

Oh and none of them are nearly as good as the ones I picked~

MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Holiday Rap

This video is incredibly fun, especially if you are into (or think you might be into) a modified version of Madonna's 80s hit "Holiday" being rapped over by a paid of Swedes. Again, this video is just so much fucking fun.

Sexman's Rambo Review
This kid is gonna be a star; he's going to fucking burn up until there's nothing left.

This video speaks quite loudly for itself. I don't really want to go into detail about it, so please, just watch it.


Jessica Delfino - My Pussy is Magic

A wonderfully honest and cute music video about vaginas. Great rapping, great singing, absolutely hilarious visuals. I liked the song up until the point where she said "not 'abra-cadabra,' cause that shit is NOT real" at which point I loved it.

Also I have a crush on this Jessica Delfino now.

Ball Buster - 1975 Game Commercial

A tabletop family-oriented game. The commercial is absolutely rife with testicular innuendo. This game was a product of a company called Mebo.

The Make-Up - Save Yourself

Just fucking indulge me for a moment here, okay?

Some of you might know that The Make-Up is one of my favorite bands; I just recently discovered on my page that I've played them more than any other band in the past year, despite only learning about them in the late spring of 2007. (Aside: let it be known that I'm not entirely comfortable with the way tracks song statistics because they just don't feel accurate for whatever reason. Perhaps one I'll dedicate time one week to doing my own song tracking and comparing it with's tracking) Fun fact: The Make-Up was a labelmate of Black Eyes, one of my other favorite bands ever, on Dischord Records. Their singer, Ian Svenonius, is one of my favorite people in music or culture today. I'm posting this video as an act of self-indulgence. I think the song sounds awesome and the video looks awesome, which combine to give us an awesome feeling. I rode the awesome feeling produced by this video for a couple hours last night. Yeah, I played the video on repeat. A lot. I'm getting the DVD this video was pulled from some time later in February, along with Ian Svenonius's book, The Psychic Soviet. I plan to blog about this. Maybe I will write a long blog post like I did about Danzig.


Bonus Video: Glenn Danzig's Book Collection

"Welcome to my book collection..."

I don't really consider this a top YouTube video, but I did find it incredibly interesting and absurdly humorous. These two things combined made it worth discussing with The Internet. Hot on the heels of my really long Glenn Danzig post is a video I should have included in the post. In fact, I'll add it to the post. Danzig really just talks about various horror and occult books in a manner that's just a little too matter-of-fact -- as if he's an expert on all these books. Also, the way he peruses the shelf seems to imply that he doesn't really even know what books are on the shelf. Regardless of whether or not he is familiar with the contents of all these books (it's entirely possible that the video sort of just happened and he is doing all of this candidly, thus the lack of polish on the presentation), the video is a gem. Also we learn of some great young Jesus stories from apocryphal Bible books! Jesus was a real killer, according to Danzig's books.


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