A Site People Shouldn't Bother Inviting Me To

Today (what I think was) a total stranger invited me to a website. Why a stranger would invite me to a social networking site is a little beyond me, but that stands beside the point.

Goodreads: the titular site.

Will I sign up? No! Will I read book reviews where the reviewers might be more diverse and less corrupt? Yes!

The stated purpose of the site, according to CrunchBase:

GoodReads is a social networking site for book lovers. The site is intended to serve as an easy way to review books and get recommendations from friends, based on founder Otis Chandler’s belief that recommendations from friends are more valuable than referrals from algorithms or bestseller lists.
The site claims more than 600,000 users. That means good advertising revenue, especially given that the main topic of the website is books; I imagine many people just click ad links to take them to retailers that are selling the books they want to buy.

March Update: Never used this web site, it has been a month.


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