Post in which I attempt to fluff MPD, the Music Player Daemon for Linux

This will be short. I can't promise sweetness, but I believe in my heart of hearts that it isn't an absolute bitterpost.

Screenshot of two MPD clients, Sonata and ncmpc, side by side

Why use MPD and MPD-clients like Sonata and ncmpc?

  • much faster than most other music players
  • lower memory usage than most music players
  • you like trying new software ( is a great place for this too -- if you use ubuntu or something like debian)
  • you enjoy (or think you might possibly enjoy) some command line hacking
  • you want to be able to access your music through multiple intuitive interfaces whenever you want to change things up a little (gmpc, sonata, ncmpc, MANY others)
  • simple and unique playlist management
  • very polished underlying daemon, some very polished clients
If you're already using Linux and have some free time, you have nothing to lose.


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