Entire lives predicated on feeling rather than reason

This walk right here? It's kinda dangerous cause you gotta smoke angel dust. My boy perfected it; he worked at the gas station. He got minimum wage, but he got all the girls cause he walked like he was in a dream land.

(here at approximately 2:45):
In my opinion, Hollywood actors are easy to convert to Scientology compared to other subsets of the population because a lot of them are very physically attractive. How does this follow? Well, attractive people generally have an easier time in life -- they don't have to work as hard, including while in school. Being that they can sort of get by without studying hard, they don't get a taste of anything complex while in school. Throw something written by a science fiction author at them, and it will probably impress them because it might be the most complex and deepest thing they've ever been exposed to. The issue of whether or not it is valid will never come up.

This argument is based on another argument from somewhere on the Internet that revealed that most of the actors who are very visible in their activism for various causes aren't terribly well educated. I can't find it, can anyone else? If you know what I'm talking about, please leave information in a comment.

In short, a lot of people seem to be worried about the cult of Scientology these days. Scientology is designed to take advantage of rich people who haven't honed their skepticism too well. These people are abundant in Hollywood, but do you think Scientology can work all over the country? I don't think it's a threat. Let them have Hollywood, it's weird enough there already. I want to visit Clearwater, Florida (the headquarters of Scientology). My grandmother says it's surreal.


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