Political Bashing Segments Embedded in YouTube Videos

So, I just watched this video clip from the show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and it was very funny. I've never actually seen the show before and have only seen one other segment (which wasn't even the show, but was a sort-of commercial for the show. There was one very peculiar thing about this clip, though: at the end, there was something entirely different. Approximately 2/3 of the way into this 1 minute 49 second YouTube video, there was some stuff that wasn't from the television show. I think this situation is really strange and could have some very far reaching and fucked up implications. Basically, the last portion of the clip is a Mitt Romney commercial. I didn't have the sound on, but I did read the text and it reeks of propaganda.

Mitt Romney "Ran the Olympics" ? Are you serious. Really? Could this be any more vague and engineered? Notice the clip's description says nothing about Mitt Romney, but does mention that there are some bonus clips at the end. Notice also the poster's profile. His two favorite videos are some clips of fucking chili peppers growing. The video's tags, when read in succession, form phrases like "liberals sucks" and "vote romney president." Regardless of the intended usage of tags, I don't think they should be used to form propaganda phrases. And I wonder who might be thinking they should.


  • Who the fuck is doing this and why do they think the American public is this gullible?
    • Are they doing this because it has worked in the past, and the American public may actually be this gullible? :(
  • Is this being sponsored by Romney? If not, he should make a statement saying as much. Looks pretty official to me -- for a YouTube video, anyway. If someone consumes YouTube videos as their main media diet, is it not possible that they might just assume this is official?
  • Does FX, the channel where the television show airs, endorse Mitt Romney for president?
  • Does FX support this?
    • Not the "Sunny" clip, hasty internetter. I mean the propaganda at the end.
  • If FX allows small portions of their content being posted to YouTube, do they realize that people could potentially use these clips as vehicles for political messages?
  • Is it possible (or maybe now, necessary) for YouTube administrators to pay closer attention to the mixes of content being posted in video clips now? Also, are people hiding other things in video clips on YouTube?
What do you think?


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