On De-branding the Self

It's a simple concept, really: why the fuck would I want to wear anything, anything at all, that displays a brand logo that doesn't represent me as a person? For some, displaying a brand is important; it is the difference between looking "cheap" and looking like you have wealth. For me, displaying a brand that I don't care for seems dangerous. I do not want to represent something that I cannot be sure I respect and care about.

I routinely remove the visible branding from clothing that I own. I want my jeans to be jeans, not Levi's; know what I mean? I've also been known to remove the stuff that's not visible, because I'd rather not look at it when I'm putting the clothes on or washing them or whatever. If you pay for the clothing, you have ultimate freedom over what you do with it. You shouldn't have to be a walking billboard when the jeans already cost you $40 or more – branding is some of the most subversive and best free advertising that companies get.

Lastly, consider the term branding and what it means for livestock like cows – it is used to show ownership. Who owns you?


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