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yo Heath, you are really dead and just tampering with us through the netherland from three feet above us all via space/time. It says so in the paranormal society. Oh why me?

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I miss this blog, it's been so long.

Anonymous said... all probability he passed away but if he didn't he'd have to have a really good reason to want to leave the business.
Reasons to quit the business:
Michelle Williams and he had mentioned that juggling a heafty work schedule and a new child was causing friction - he loved spending time with their child and may have given everything up to take care of the baby - so his wife could do her acting career..maybe that was the only way she would get back together with him???
Reasons an overdose seems likely;
He often mentioned in interviews he had troubles sleeping - his wife had just left him with thier child - ... if you were married to Heath Ledger what would make you leave???? - Maybe he wasn't such a mentally together guy - which made him a great actor...too sensitive - hence inability to cope leading to the use of drugs

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