I put 10 hours into Final Fantasy XII over the last three days

This game is such a keeper

PS2 owners who think I have good taste: go buy* FFXII

*I don't really care how you get the game


Anonymous said...

what percentage of those 10 hours would you say were actually spent playing, and not sitting around watching?

i tried final fantasy X, probably put in somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 hours, but I was just bored by it. I didn't feel like I was playing a game, and I didn't find the story all that engaging.

i'm intrigued by this though. the final fantasy series does have a soft spot in my heart, and I will have a lot of free time on my hands over winter session.

so i'm curious for more info...how does it compare to previous games (FFVI and VII would obviously be favorable)

pat mcclory

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