Let's do this Halloween YouTube thing now

ok let's go

basically last year i had a bunch of links to danzig/misfits videos but this year i wanted to do something a little different it's mostly music videos but also some other stuff too!

ok so first off let's do some blue oyster cult most people only know them for their "don't fear the reaper" song shout out to big ty whose senile grandmother who is about ready to check out turned him on to this song and didn't see the irony that she was about to bounce the biggest check written out to "vitality" rest in peace grandma ty see you next halloween in the mausoleum anyway so yeah blue oyster cult has lots of other good songs and damn some cool moustaches one of their songs "burnin' for you" from the album "fire of unknown origin" has a really tight riff that it starts with it's pretty tight but it isn't the best song from the album which would be "veteran of the psychic wars" but the video is tight and please watch it all the way through for some goofy 1981 style "scary" and "edgy" stuff but really just respect this i mean think about how it was fucking like 26 years ago and holy shit it's older than me but i'm also pretty old (22 years old now!) ok here it is:

ok actually there is a video on youtube for "veteran of the psychic wars" i mean it's just the coolest fucking concept for a song UNFORTUNATELY i will not be embedding it in this post but i will however give you a link to it so here it is if you liked the other video check this out for sure also i should mention this is a live version of the song so it is kind of masturbatory for the band but it is still cool if you like this "metal" classic rock kind of shit http://youtube.com/watch?v=nrd2xf5DIlU

ok next video is by bauhaus a real force a real legend in the 80s goth scene or something honestly i know fuck all about bauhaus but useff said to check out their stuff for this post and this video fits perfectly plus it's an achewood in-joke so i mean just check it out for a little while it's good for halloween spirit and shit

next video probably needs no introduction if you are between the ages of 18 and 25 today because it's bobby brown's video from ghostbusters ii so it will bring back some good memories for you because the video is tight and bobby brown says "found out about vigo, the master of evil. try to battle my boys? that's not LEGAL" so it's like he was cool with the ghostbusters and understood their plight and shit oh man so much footage from the movie this movie reminds me of a time period that will never come back, so shitty yet so good only because I was four fucking years old at the time and ghostbusters were awesome to me but check it out, and like everything else, think of this as a period piece and also especially check out the dancing and the outfits and the haircuts and everything also donald trump is in the video

also more important than anything is that bobby brown is fucking INSANE these days he's a fucking crackhead who dragged whitney houston down with him and now she's worthless too and their lives are a fucking mess and he had a fucking heart attack like last week while sitting front row at a fashion show, can you believe this shit? it's like everything we ever knew is going to start dying

ok the next two aren't music videos well one is kind of but they are both clips from "American Werewolf in London" which in my opinion is one of the greatest "horror" movies ever i mean it was made a long time ago but as you can see in the transformation clip it has some amazing special effects even by today's standards i mean seriously they made that shit look so fucking painful i included the version of the clip that has a little part in the beginning that shows him talking to his dead and zombified friend just so you can see that this is a movie that isn't all about horror i mean it's scary as fuck but doesn't take itself too seriously actually i'll include THREE scenes the first one is a bonus and i won't ruin it here! just please watch it!

next scene is the aforementioned transformation scene prefaced by one of the film's many hilarious zombie talks, this scene is kind of a music video because blue moon is playing as he transforms!

ok guys this next scene starts with tits so don't watch it at work! or just fast forward to like a minute into it this scene is very dear to me because not only is it cheesy but there are some really gruesome car crashes and deaths in this scene!

next is judas priest's hit single "breaking the law" it's corny as fuck and man I don't really know what to say about it, just watch it and fucking laugh. the opening riff is pretty tight though! also rob halford (the singer) is soooooooo gay seriously look him up on wikipedia or some shit!

ok final video I LOVE this video i loved the song before i saw the video and the video totally fucking changed the game for me this video is so awesome and deceptive and slightly creepy and has a lot of nuanced things going on that you might need to watch it a few times to catch but seriously i don't want to totally ruin this for anyone i'm just amazed that such an incredible video was made in 1979!

ok so if you are confused after that video the significance would be that it says "The Cure?" at the beginning and then those letters bleed away and we're left with what appears to be something like a 1960s british pop boy band performing in front of a sheet but the thing is if you know anything about the cure you're wondering where robert smith (the singer) is and he's nowhere but you can hear his voice and that one person looks like they're singing but it isn't him and then weird stuff is going on in the background and then robert smith's silhouette with glowing red eyes appears but only the silhouette and also if you go back and watch it again you will notice that the band member's shadows are "wrong" in many ways

ok so yeah all that stuff right above this isn't necessarily true it was just my interpretation of a youtube video that was poor quality and this video here is higher quality and has a different and better interpretation but I still like mine so if you want to read the strike through-ed text above this by all means please go ahead!

happy halloween

ok bonus super weird creepy video that useff showed me and said it was like scary and it actually is this motherfucker looks like he's possessed and shit this video isn't on youtube so please do not sue me for being a huge fucking liar sorry

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