Hackish Fix For My MPD Hotkeys Problem

So, for a few days I've been agonizing over how to get MPD to recognize my keyboard's multimedia keys.

I tried a few varieties of a solution suggested by the collective Internet, but none of them worked. This failed solution was based upon mapping the hex values of the keys (the values were copied from their apparent values in gnome's keyboard shortcuts window) to mpc commands through gconf-editor. As I already stated, this failed.

My new, hackish solution is just to use Sonata and keep it minimized in the notification area. Sonata is simply a GTK2 front end to MPD (a nice one too), but it's graphical, and right now I'm not really into graphical for MPD -- I enjoy controlling my music with the keyboard, so I use ncmpc. Sonata is unobtrusive in the notification area, and it understands multimedia commands. Plus, I can look at the album's cover art easily with Sonata always handy.

Problem solved fixed.


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