Response To Something I Barely Read

This is the something I barely read. The important thing is that it reminded me of the stuff people used to say when I was a kid at summer camp, stuff like, "Yellow 5 makes you impotent." Or, on a more serious note, "I can't have anything with Red 40 in it because my parents say it makes me crazy."

Are you comfortable with the food industry being comfortable with putting chemicals they don't really understand in things you eat every day? And really, I do mean every day, because food colorings are used in such a wide variety and abundance of products it might just be scary, depending on your viewpoint and consumption of such products.

I'm not saying break out the tinfoil hat -- I'm just saying that it might be something worth looking into a little bit more.


Unknown said...

Smoked Alaskan salmon makes your cock huge!

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