Making Progress With This Release

Ok, so using the FastLordBogami software indicated in the aforementioned thread seems to have done the trick with getting the game playable. I had to transfer it twice, though; the first time, the game wouldn't pass the Sony intellectual property screen just before the title screen.

Actually, that's a lie.

The game is more playable than it was before, insofar as I can now save a game. On the other hand, in the very first room, I now have the option of falling through the floor and into a buggy death (this hidden pit takes up about 40% of the first room with no actual indication of boundaries).

Oh, and the game just froze on me during the first cutscene. Hopefully I'll get to see some new content in the game. I've played the first 20 minutes of the game at least seven times now. I've seen the opening cutscene at least twice that amount.

I hope this is helping someone else who's wondering what the fuck is going on with this release!


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