AIM Conversations: The State of the Union

Markus's original response is my away message, which was as follows: "State of the Union is so depressing; the only thing that can cheer me up is this.

And maybe this.

He wants 92,000 more troops."

(1:04:43 AM) Markus: and i heard that the democrats have some sort of draft bill to be passed
(1:15:09 AM) Noah: You mean like to start the draft?
(1:15:36 AM) Markus: yea
(1:15:40 AM) Markus: that's what my friend told me
(1:15:48 AM) Markus: i haven't had a chance to research this tho
(1:15:57 AM) Noah: that's really scary
(1:16:10 AM) Markus: yea especially now that im out of school
(1:16:20 AM) Noah: I turned on the radio at like 9:45 and the first thing I heard was him say he wanted to put 92k more troops out there
(1:16:26 AM) Noah: I almost turned the radio off right then
(1:16:30 AM) Noah: I was so mad
(1:16:37 AM) Markus: how did it go from 20k to 92k
(1:18:04 AM) Noah: I have no clue
(1:18:21 AM) Noah: But I was saying to Useff earlier...I think GW Bush might be the first president ever to be assassinated after he leaves office
(1:18:37 AM) Markus: hahah
(1:18:39 AM) Noah: I think people hate him enough to keep hating him after he's out
(1:18:43 AM) Markus: yea
(1:18:59 AM) Markus: i mean shit... im surprised nobody has shot him yet
(1:19:08 AM) Noah: yeah seriously
(1:19:51 AM) Markus: it's sad bc he almost cost tony blair his election
(1:20:26 AM) Markus: that's like your mom hating you for hanging out with a certain kid at school
(1:20:39 AM) Noah: hahaha, yeah
(1:21:22 AM) Noah: well man, I gotta go to bed, class in the morning. let me know if anything weird happens though
(1:22:26 AM) Markus: allright
(1:22:31 AM) Markus: g'night
(1:25:04 AM) Markus: oh ok nm i just found an article that said that some democrats are in favor of a draft bc of class warfare... bc apparently the poor are fighting the war while the rich stay home
(1:25:08 AM) Markus: i mean yes true
(1:25:31 AM) Markus: but at the same time... then you could make a draft for being cleaning ladies and garbage men i mean shit
(1:25:42 AM) Markus: i don't think you can do something like that
(1:46:46 AM) Noah: I don't think they're making the draft specifically for the rich, because if they create a draft, it will make it so that poor and rich people go, which isn't entirely fair, but it's more equally unfair. It's just like a very hard decision to make, but it might make the rich, which are predominantly republican, feel the effects of the war more clearly
(1:47:00 AM) Noah: It might re-unite the nation, is what I'm saying
(1:47:12 AM) Markus: it might reunite against a draft
(1:47:17 AM) Noah: haha yeah
(1:47:24 AM) Markus: but that's about i think
(1:47:30 AM) Markus: it's still a volunteer army
(1:47:39 AM) Markus: it's not like poor ppl do not have a choice
(1:47:48 AM) Noah: true, but they have fewer choices
(1:48:01 AM) Markus: i mean if if i had the choice between getting shot in the ass and cleaning toilets, guess what im gonna do
(1:48:18 AM) Markus: i don't disagree that tehy have fewer ones, but it's still their choice
(1:48:20 AM) Noah: everyone says that a college education in this country is a must...many poor people cannot pay for a college education, but if you go to the army they pay for your college
(1:48:22 AM) Noah: yeah
(1:48:32 AM) Noah: a lot of them don't realize that it's going to get them killed though
(1:48:41 AM) Markus: well sorry but that's just dumb
(1:48:43 AM) Noah: people think of the american army as a positive thing, not a life-threatening one
(1:48:44 AM) Noah: I agree
(1:48:46 AM) Markus: the not realizing getting shot part
(1:48:52 AM) Noah: yeah, lol
(1:48:55 AM) Markus: the college thing
(1:49:03 AM) Noah: but how smart do you think americans are...?
(1:49:04 AM) Markus: if you're smart you can get into college i believe
(1:49:09 AM) Markus: but you gotta wantt it to
(1:49:15 AM) Markus: yes it's easier forrich ppl
(1:49:21 AM) Markus: but im saying it's not impossible
(1:49:27 AM) Noah: I agree
(1:49:48 AM) Markus: you can't just dick around and then say... i can't get into college bc im poor
(1:50:15 AM) Markus: plus paying for it, if you're really poor but smart and got in you ll get loans and grants, it's not gonna be easy but it's doable
(1:50:36 AM) Markus: i mean shit godfrey's family wasn't very rich i don't think and he is going to princeton for a grand a year
(1:50:51 AM) Markus: yes and exceptional case but im just trying to make a point
(1:51:02 AM) Noah: Yeah
(1:51:09 AM) Noah: I see your point
(1:51:52 AM) Noah: but the kind of abject poverty a lot of these people come from also includes a complete disconnection from accurate information
(1:52:01 AM) Markus: true
(1:52:01 AM) Noah: it's really a culture of ignorance that they come from, a lot of them
(1:52:23 AM) Markus: well.... maybe we should make truth adds about the army
(1:52:30 AM) Noah: LOL
(1:52:45 AM) Markus: "IF you're at war... people WILL SHOOT AT YOU!!!!"
(1:53:05 AM) Markus: im serious... and the gov't has to pay for it
(1:53:29 AM) Markus: just like conglomerated tobacco has to payfor truth adds


Anonymous said...

I think poor people are just scared to take the risk of getting a loan for an education, unsure that after completion one would make the money spent on such an education back over a few years. Its no excuse, though-look at me, for example. I work at a job that requires no education and, through applying myself, have put myself in postion to buy my own education. A semester at Deltech is only $900. I also just bought my own car (mustang convertible). It really comes down to being smart with money and not having babies.

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