Public List Of Tasks I Hope To Accomplish In Coming Days

I finally registered for Winter session and now I'm in attack/perform mode. This is what I hope to do:

  • Learn to use rTorrent - because it seems like a good thing. Using a command line interface for a filesharing program is very foreign to me, though. Once I can figure it out, I'll be able to just place .torrent files in a directory, and rTorrent should do the rest of the work for me. Furthermore, I just want more experience doing things from the command line.
  • Switch my "darknet" box to XFCE - mainly a performance thing. XFCE is less resource-intensive than GNOME.
  • Play Okami - I'm putting this on my PS2 hard drive right now! I thought I got it a long time ago. I had about 99% of it. I got the final 1% today.


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