Merry Christmas. James Brown Has Died. James Brown YouTube Videos In This Post.

James Brown, the 'Godfather of Soul', Dies at 73 - New York Times Article

Legendary Singer James Brown Dies at 73 - Associated Press Article

Now, I'm sure many of you have seen the following video. It's James Brown in an interview after being arrested for beating his wife. He says and does some really hilarious things. What makes this worth watching is that it's an extended version; I had not seen this version until...five minutes ago.

Here's another video of The Godfather of Soul, getting funky. One of the tags on the video was "cocaine".

There's a lot of really good live footage of James Brown on YouTube that shows what a dynamic performer he was through all of his years. Really, his age in the videos has quite a wide range. Many of the samples in rap music that we hear are from James Brown songs.

It's really weird hearing that James Brown has died. I almost expect him to rise from his grave in three days, dancing and singing incoherently. As I mentioned to Useff earlier today, I think James Brown should be "picked up by his clan and taken to a planet where the hunt is better" instead of perishing as men do.


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