Hey! Blogger is almost out of Beta!

According to the official Blogger Blog, the new version of Blogger is almost out of beta. They've been kind enough to allow me to put my old blog on the new version of the software. They say they're going to allow merging of blogs, but I don't see that feature yet. Besides, it's not like anyone wants to read my old blog posts anyway.

Oh wait, there was that one famous "how-to" blog post I made. As far as I know, this really helped to spread the word about the potential for a hard drive in your PS2. Now I didn't invent the technique; no way, but at the time (February 2005), there was no single place that had all of the necessary information properly organized, and no easy step-by-step format for figuring out what to do.

When I was trying to gather all of the information for my own purposes, I was relegated to a bunch of horrible forums where, simply because of the nature of the forum (the PS2 scene attracts a lot of...fine folks), every other post was trash, and every worthwhile thread had about 3 paragraphs of information spread out over 18 pages. Everything else in a given worthwhile thread was some asshole asking how he can run Final Fantasy X from his computer. These days, you can almost do that successfully, by the way.

So yeah: provided that they release the tool that will allow me to merge my blogs, that is on my blogging agenda. Also on my blogging agenda is cleaning up the post I made on the PS3 a few days ago. It was sloppy. I took it down. I'll put it back up in a form that is less sloppy, some day soon.


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