Quick Way To Lose Friends In Your Major*:

  1. Tell a class full of them that you're doing a research project on the effects of the media on a person's perception of cosmetic (plastic) surgery.
  2. Make them watch a video that you say is 10-15 minutes long, but is actually 50 minutes in length, and has more viscera and gore than Saving Private Ryan or pretty much any horror movie I've ever seen, Hostel included.
  3. Make them answer a survey afterward that just fucking sucks, I mean damn what a poorly written, overly wordy survey.
  4. Leave the class without saying thank you, just pick up your shit and leave, don't even stay around for questions or to talk to the people who missed part 1 of your survey and will probably fuck up your results somehow.

*This wasn't me, I simply observed it. I was one of the people who missed part 1 of the survey.


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Oh, just FYI, this wasn't me.

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