overshadowed like whoa

Apparently death does not come in threes. Unless it is also tiered. Quick, someone check for other people who died falling off the precipice of success into the mostly shadowy canyon of fame.

"Y'all can't see me."

Tampa police say Billy Mays, the television pitchman known for his boisterous hawking of products such as Orange Glo and OxiClean, has died. He was 50.

Authorities say Mays was pronounced dead this morning after being found by his wife at home. There were no signs of a break-in, and investigators do not suspect foul play. The coroner's office expects to have an autopsy done by Monday afternoon.

Mays' wife, Deborah Mays, says the family doesn't expect to make any public statements and asked for privacy.

Mays was also featured on the reality TV show "Pitchmen" on the Discovery Channel, which followed Mays and Anthony Sullivan in their marketing jobs.

Oh, and I absolutely will not tag this with anything.


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