Monday, December 31 gave rise to...

Plugin Suggestion For Compiz Developers

When I'm browsing around with tab and shift tab (when I want to navigate different "fields" without using my mouse), it would be very convenient to have some sort of shaded overlay/border around the field that I'm currently in. It is often very difficult to tell what field you're in -- in GNOME, some have a very thin dotted outline, and others have nothing at all. When it's text, the text gets highlighted...sometimes.

Mock-up (click to enlarge):

Also see this.

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Carousal on a Carousel

Happy New Year

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Friday, December 28 gave rise to...

My dream job*

Designing movie logos

*this is only one of my dream jobs

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A matter of asking the right questions, listening at the right times, and lying -- but only when you must.

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If you can't sell them on the value,

Sell them on the gimmick.

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Tuesday, December 25 gave rise to...

Spontaneous Order

Spontaneous Order

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Wednesday, December 19 gave rise to...

Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues Blog

I found this picture here at this blog. It is a great picture of Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues looking like the total freaks of basketball they are; one is the tallest player ever in the NBA and the other is the shortest! The blog also contains a YouTube video with a basketball players including a extremely tall male basketball player and a female basketball player with a deep speaking voice. Everyone is speaking spanish and there is some spanish guitar playing in the background.

In the future I plan on blogging extensively about Manute Bol, but not Muggsy Bogues.

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King Vitamin Cereal Blog

Collected pics from around the internet about King Vitamin Cereal (or is it King Vitaman? I am perplexed by the 'official' spelling) so they could have a place for safe-keeping in case any of those other sites go down. Credit goes to other King Vitamin aficionados across the globe and uh, also the original uploaders of these images and uh, also Quaker for making this great cereal that I, one day, hope to taste.

Your King Vitamin Cereal headquarters!

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Tuesday, December 18 gave rise to...

Idea for Gnome Panel's Window List Applet

The Window List, a popular -- and some might say, integral -- widget for Gnome's Panels could use an upgrade. I propose these options:

  • view icons only -- in this mode, if one wants to know the title of the window, they can position the pointer over the window's box
  • option to group window list items by workspace #
    • example: I have three tomboy notes windows open, two firefox windows, two file browsers open, and one terminal. They are spread across all desktops. I would want the windows on the bottom to rearrange themselves to match up to the desktops that they correspond to. The window list can be visually partitioned by some sort of high contrast divider between window list items on different desktops. [Gnome 2.20's release notes say that 2.20 shipped with a similar feature in its Window Selector panel widget, but I do not see this functionality there either.]
What changes or features would you contribute to the Window List, if you could?

So a great contributor hacked together a little gnome applet that approximates what I'm talking about here. You can see the sourceforge page here. It's called talika. Looks like you'll have to compile it from source, but I had all of the dependencies so it shouldn't be too hard for you to compile either (as long as you have svn and basic essential build tools). Copy and paste the following svn stuff into your terminal, and then do the typical make/install routine.
svn co talika

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Monday, December 17 gave rise to...

Hey, check out this image:

Via reddit. Thanks, reddit!

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I put 10 hours into Final Fantasy XII over the last three days

This game is such a keeper

PS2 owners who think I have good taste: go buy* FFXII

*I don't really care how you get the game

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Saturday, December 15 gave rise to...

The Worst Statement I Have Read Online This Week:

"The facial expressions and acting are excellent throughout the game. If you want to study acting, take lessons from the characters in FFXII."

You too can read this in its original habitat, if you click here.

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Hanging out on Th'Internet

Shirking responsibility

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Tuesday, December 11 gave rise to...

On Productivity

The computer isn't even close to a good productivity tool for me. I get more done with spiral bound notebooks and the one red pen/one black pen combo than I do with a computer in length of time that is logarithmically shorter.

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Monday, December 10 gave rise to...

A Quote

"...Let it be known that there is nothing as ugly in all its tangents as the human beast..."

- C. Bukowski

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Sunday, December 9 gave rise to...



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Be Firm With Her

Overblown, Pretentious Rhetoric: be firm with her
Overblown, Pretentious Rhetoric: and make sure to keep her water dish full

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Friday, December 7 gave rise to...

Thanks, Internet

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Thursday, December 6 gave rise to...

Back in Linux

Mac is fun

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Wednesday, December 5 gave rise to...

The Great Mac Adventure

It begins now!

  • I wish I had ext3 or even ext2 support
  • I wish fdisk worked the same (how do I even list partitions?)
  • I wish I could figure out sshfs for mac

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Tuesday, December 4 gave rise to...

OS X Leopard on your (relatively) old AMD Machine

My computer is:

AMD 3000+ processor
NVidia GeForce 6600GT graphics card
MSI Nforce 4 motherboard
1024mb ram

ok so:

  • get Zephyroth's Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD disc image. burn to dvd.
  • make a new primary partition on your hard drive with at least 7 gigabytes of space on it
  • use gparted to format this partition as fat32
  • boot zephyroth's installer disc, use the disk utility (under the utilities menu at the top) to format/erase your new fat32 partition as an extended apple file system with journaling
  • install os x onto this partition, and be sure to install the nvidia drivers included; even though they're not for your specific video card, they will work. if your install appears to hang at "approximately one minute left" like mine did, let it go for about 15 minutes just to be safe and then restart. it should work.
  • edit your grub menu.lst file to include this new partition
  • if you're using a usb keyboard and mouse, you're fine. if you're using ps/2 keyboard/mouse, you're probably in a weird place, like me. i might edit this later with instructions on how to fix this, if i can get it working for myself. this will probably involve login hooks (basically shell scripts executed at login) and someone's hacked ps/2 drivers which, for some reason are not included in zephyroth's install as far as i can tell. that's right -- the image does not appear to have any sort of support for ps/2 inputs, which is weird, because the regular image does. either he was trying to save space or i've had two very unlucky installs.

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Sunday, December 2 gave rise to...

It's only a matter of time

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Saturday, December 1 gave rise to...

Maybe it's time to move up to MD6?

Apparently MD5 isn't good for uniquely identifying data any more. I didn't really read the article and don't understand all of it, but I think I get at least one of the implications.

"...there is the viewpoint of the relying party, i.e. the user downloading hashed or signed code who needs some guarantee that this software can be trusted. This relying party can not be sure anymore that the published hash value or the digital signature is valid for only the executable file he downloaded."

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