Wednesday, October 28 gave rise to...

Has It Really Been A Week?

Building new things.

Fighting the creep of illness.

The more things change, the more I really see myself. The more I see myself, the more I realize things have always been this way.

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Wednesday, October 21 gave rise to...

ChromeOS to be based on Debian

[running atop a solid Debian base]

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Softbank Sumo from We Love You So on Vimeo.

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Saturday, October 17 gave rise to...

there's a rep for that?

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"Moebs Services, which provides data to the federal government, estimates that overdraft revenue will reach $38.5 billion this year."

[Google News - Overdraft Fees]

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Thursday, October 15 gave rise to...

fela anikulapo ransome kuti was born october 15, 1938 and died august 2, 1997.

[fela at wikipedia]

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Tuesday, October 13 gave rise to...

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Friday, October 9 gave rise to...

what is life if you aren't working to exhaustion? do everything all the way, your way, all day, every day.

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flash + batman. an NES romhack.

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Wednesday, October 7 gave rise to...

800 Posts. 100% Real Talk.

Dad to Gang Who Kidnapped Son: 'Just Kill Him'

18 year old armless getaway car driver evades police in 100mph chase; needs co-conspirators to change gears for him.

Casino software exploiters use "a complex series of button presses and screen changes to cause the slot machine to have an error in its programming," receiving payouts of over $20,000 on more than five occasions, and making over $400k over the period of the protracted heist, which took place during the summer months. -- "one of the single largest casino machine thefts in American history."

Chicks With Dicks. Fried Green Tea Bites. Cheese Steak Sushi.

The "Wheel of History" Falls into a vat of comic book ink.

Evidence revealed in a Telegraph UK report suggests that Iranian President has Jewish heritage

The results are in: scribblenauts is kinda cool. Actually, the results have been in for a while.

fuck the pain away? no. no. no

you want to get that?

666 is a soon to be famous Nollywood movie.

Lou Reed - Perfect Day (Acoustic Demo)

Ron Jeremy was an extra in Ghostbusters.

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Tuesday, October 6 gave rise to...

leading cause of cinema death.

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Monday, October 5 gave rise to...

Please Click Through And See The Rest of These Ridiculous-ass Pics.


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Sunday, October 4 gave rise to...

Top Gun. Pepsi. Visions of God.

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