Friday, October 31 gave rise to...

Happy Halloween. In 1972, The Cramps Gave Us 'Human Fly.'

If you're bored and want to look at Halloween related stuff, read some of my older Halloween posts.

Forewarning: some of them are very long. But if you have nothing better it do, it should do the trick.

Today, I will probably watch The Fly. I wish I had other David Cronenberg movies here. David Cronenberg will scare the shit out of anyone and everyone.

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Wednesday, October 29 gave rise to...

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Sunday, October 26 gave rise to...

1993: The campaign strives mightily to create a hip, edgy personality for Fingos via a fast-talking, wise-cracking, shape-shifting "spokes-box."

"We're breaking the traditional bounds of advertising cereal," Mr. Davis said, "because we're trying to break the bounds of how people use cereal."

In 1993, General Mills Tries to Position Cereal Beyond the Breakfast Table.

God bless marketing.

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Saturday, October 25 gave rise to...

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Wednesday, October 22 gave rise to...

"they wanna autograph, they wanna eat an asshole out and all of that man i be telling this motherfuckers fall back nigga let me breathe man now i'm th

"they wanna autograph, they wanna eat an asshole out and all of that man i be telling this motherfuckers fall back nigga let me breathe man now i'm the other motherfucker though i got that camera in they shit they feelin that agony nigga I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE"

--Busta Rhymes

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October 22, 2018: Rae Carruth Will Be Released From Prison.

Rae Carruth @ Wikipedia

Rae Carruth: he sucks pretty bad.

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Monday, October 20 gave rise to...

Rudy Ray Moore...was Dolemite. 1927-2008. RIP.

And what ever happened with Dolemite Explosion? Did it get released?

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visit template death!!

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Thursday, October 16 gave rise to...

1972: Ofo & The Black Company - Allah Wakbarr!!

in 2005, this track was placed on this album.

Download mp3

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1990: McDonald's "Brings Back" The Cheddar Melt. Did This Really Happen? [Twice?]

McDonald's has resurrected its Cheddar Melt cheeseburger for a limited-time promotional blitz.

The quarter pound, all-beef patty covered with Cheddar cheese sauce and grilled onions on a light rye bun has been offered at various times in the past but has not made a strong enough mark to secure a permanent position on the McDonald's menu.

"Every time when we're in a slow period, we bring out the Cheddar Melt or the McRib sandwich," said the manager of a McDonald's in New York, one of the areas where the item is being heavily promoted.

The Cheddar Melt will be sold for as long as local managers want it, said McDonald's spokesman Chuck Ebeling, noting that such local product promotions generally last one to two months.

McDonald's Cheddar Melt blitz comes at a time when Burger King is promoting a double burger topped with Swiss cheese.

Full Story

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Tuesday, October 14 gave rise to...

1976: Shortly After His Death, Time Magazine Exposes The Weirdness of Howard Hughes.

Perched atop the service elevator in Acapulco's pyramidal Princess Hotel, Repairman Lidio Sandoval was performing a routine maintenance check one morning last week, when suddenly the car began to rise. To his surprise, it ascended all the way to the forbidden 20th-floor penthouse, which elevators could reach only if summoned by a special key. Peering unseen through an open panel in the ceiling, he watched in fascination as a drama unfolded in the car below. Anxious aides and a doctor wheeled in a stretcher bearing an old, apparently unconscious man covered only by a yellow sheet. A tube dangling from one of his arms connected him, presumably, to a dialysis machine.

When the elevator reached ground level, the attendants brusquely shooed away curious hotel workers and loaded the man into an ambulance that sped to the airport. There the patient was placed in a waiting Gates Learjet ambulance plane from Miami. Before landing in Acapulco earlier that day, it had fetched from the Bahamas a vacationing Utah physician, Wilbur Thain, who was one of the patient's three private doctors. Pilot Roger Sutton was alarmed by the ailing passenger's condition. "He looked very emaciated, a pasty color," he recalls. "When they put him on the plane, he moved his lips, but I could not hear anything."

As the Learjet streaked toward Houston, Sutton inquired about the patient's condition.

"He is very close to dying," replied the doctor.

After the plane touched down at Houston Intercontinental Airport, Thain told the pilot, "There is no hurry. He's gone."

At 70, the legendary, invisible, mysterious, outrageous Howard Robard Hughes was dead. No American had ever intrigued and confounded his fellow citizens as did the once handsome and dashing Hughes. Squeezing several implausible careers into one lifetime, he was the fabled billionaire who squired and sometimes seduced the world's most beautiful women, the provocative moviemaker, the daring pilot, the unchallenged and capricious captain of an industrial empire and a huge airline, the innovative weaponmaker on whom the nation's defense rested in part. Yet despite his wealth and onetime glamour, he had turned into a recluse whose obsession for privacy only intensified the curiosity about him. For the past ten years his isolation had been so complete that only his death gave proof he had still been alive.


He was the world's ultimate enigma—a man so secretive, so hidden from view that no outsider could say with certainty even whether he was alive, much less how he looked or behaved. He was one of the world's richest, most imperious, capricious, outrageous, eccentric and powerful men. From his hideaways atop a series of luxury hotels on three continents he spun a web that ensnared an entire state, reached into the highest levels of the U.S. Government and became entwined with the tentacles of the Central Intelligence Agency. Yet for all his power, he lived a sunless, joyless, half-lunatic life in those same hideaways, a virtual prisoner walled in by his own crippling fears and weaknesses. Once a dashing, vibrant figure, he neglected his appearance and health during his last 15 years until he became a pathetic wraith.

Another major layer is being peeled away in this issue of TIME, in the excerpts from a forthcoming book that contains many startling, fresh glimpses into Hughes' life. Titled Howard Hughes: The Hidden Years, it will be published next month by Random House, and was written by James Phelan, 67, a crusty investigative reporter who has been covering the elusive billionaire for more than 20 years. Phelan managed to interview the only close associates from Hughes' latter years who so far have been willing to talk. Excerpts from their often chilling testimony follow.

The Secret Life of Howard Hughes

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Monday, October 13 gave rise to...

You Know The Dude Just Faked It. Update: This guy surrendered in July.

NY Times: Fund Manager Who Faked His Suicide Surrenders.

Back in June:

A hedge-fund swindler who was supposed to be driving himself to prison abandoned his car on a bridge with the phrase "Suicide is Painless" scrawled on its hood, but no body has been found in the river below -- and the victims of his fraud say they doubt he killed himself.

The FBI and state police are skeptical, saying they're still looking for Samuel Israel III.

Israel, 48, a co-founder and chief executive of the now-collapsed Bayou hedge funds, was sentenced in April to 20 years in federal prison for conspiracy and fraud, to begin Monday afternoon. He was also ordered to pay $300 million to his victims.

Full Story

Clearly, money talks -- and it speaks a language I don't fully understand. They let a thief, who stole hundreds of millions of dollars from investors, drive himself to prison. What the fuck do you expect?

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Saturday, October 11 gave rise to...

How Is This Reality, And Who Is Getting Fired? New York County Prints ‘Barack Osama’ on Ballots -- After Three Rounds of Proofreading

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Jim Jones In London A Few Years Ago. (With Cam'ron Patronizing His Very Drunk Ass)

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Thursday, October 9 gave rise to...

Double Arm Transplant!

(Lost his arms to one of these things.)
A German farmer who received the world's first complete double arm transplant said Wednesday that incredulity gave way to joy when he woke from surgery to discover he had arms again.

Karl Merk, who lost his arms in a farming accident six years ago, said he at first could not believe that the transplant appeared to have been succesful.

"It was really overwhelming when I saw that I had arms again," said the 54-year-old, who wore a sleeveless black shirt showing clearly where his new arms had been grafted.

"These are my arms, and I'm not giving them away again," he told reporters at the Munich University Clinic where he remains nearly three months after the 15-hour operation.

Merk is recovering well and can perform simple tasks such as opening doors and turning lights on and off. His ultimate goals are to eat and dress himself — and ride a motorcycle.

"All in all, our wildest expectations have pretty much been fulfilled," said Christoph Hoehnke, one of the lead doctors.

A total of 40 surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other support staff carried out the 15-hour operation on July 25-26 to graft the donor's arms on to the body of Merk, who lost his own just below the shoulder in a combine harvester accident.

Full Story.

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Balls. (Scientists explore new source of stem cells: your balls.)

that's beautiful, baby

Using the testicular cells of adult men, researchers have grown muscle, nerve and other kinds of tissue.

Scientists have converted cells from human testes into stem cells that grew into muscle, nerve cells and other kinds of tissue, according to a study published Wednesday in the online edition of Nature.

The stem cells offer another potential alternative to embryonic stem cells for researchers who aim to treat diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson's by replacing damaged or malfunctioning cells with custom-grown replacements.

Scientists have also derived flexible adult stem cells from skin, amniotic fluid and menstrual blood.

The new cells were created from sperm-making cells obtained from testicular biopsies of 22 men.

They are theoretically superior to traditional embryonic stem cells because they can be obtained directly from male patients and used to grow replacement tissue that their bodies won't reject, Sabine Conrad of the University of Tuebingen in Germany and her colleagues wrote.

Full Story?

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Wednesday, October 8 gave rise to...

DayStarter: MF Doom - I Hear Voices (Rotoscoped)

MF Doom's unique flow and production style shine on this 2000 track. He has a knack for making timeless rap tracks.

Here's my source (includes both 'normal' and rotoscoped visuals)

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Monday, October 6 gave rise to...

Bruce Lee: Could He Just Punch Dead A Horse?


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Sunday, October 5 gave rise to...

ODB Auditions For Mr. Ed: "Mr. Ed, let's not get all familiar on the first date."

"Don't worry about him. That guy is dumber than a bag of hammers. At the bottom of a frozen lake."

In 2004, FOX planned a remake of the Mr. Ed television show. Sherman Hemsley was cast as the voice of a new, hip, street-smart Mr. Ed.

Among the other auditionees was Ol' Dirty Bastard.

What follows is allegedly ODB's audition for the part.

Download mp3

A pilot was filmed, but was not picked up by FOX. The show's writer and producer, Drake Sather, had committed suicide shortly before the pilot's completion.

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Wednesday, October 1 gave rise to...

YouTube Has Created Hundreds (Thousands? Millions?) of Amateur Don Lapre-Schemers

Don Lapre @ Wikipedia (The O.G.)

cashgiftingace has invited you to become friends! (The New Breed)

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