Saturday, September 18 gave rise to...


Here are some decent links from the last few months:

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Wednesday, March 24 gave rise to...

First Blog Split Available:

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Monday, March 22 gave rise to...

Truncated version of major announcement:

As my skills improve, I've realized that I'd like to move this web presence to a software stack that gives me complete control over the logic, presentation, and data in and around it. This is the post where I reveal that to you and announce that this blog will split. Details of split and further splits will be announced here and at any relevant child nodes of this web presence.

I figure someone will appreciate this, so I'm saying it: RSS is probably the best way to stay abreast of these changes.

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Thursday, March 18 gave rise to...

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Wednesday, March 17 gave rise to...

hug a damn guinness on saint patrick's day.

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Saturday, March 13 gave rise to...

We're Back.

I didn't take the website offline. The domain merely expired and it took a while for me to sort things out with the registrar.

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Wednesday, February 3 gave rise to...

Here is an excerpt from my journal, dated August 20, 1996:

Today I would like to write about a book called "Thinner." It is a horror novel written by Stephen King. Thinner is about an obese man named Billy Halleck who accidentally ran over an old gypsy woman whose father put a curse on Billy. This terrible mix of revenge and magic made Billy lose two pounds or more every day. In this book my favorite character was Billy's friend Richard Gillini who was always ready to help a buddy and loved action. The moral of this book was probably, "The Good Guys Don't Always Win."

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